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Dante Series Glo-Stone Char Broilers

Radiant | Glo-Stone | Outdoor

Bakers Pride manufactures the widest variety and broadest selection of high quality char broilers in the industry - delivering consistently superior performance time after time.  From compact counter tops to exceptionally large floor models, Bakers Pride has the perfect char broiler to match for your menu needs and cooking style.

 L-GS Series Counter Top Glo-Stone Char Broilers  

The L-GS Series low profile gas counter top Glo-Stone char broilers feature high efficiency 15,000 BTUH burners located every 4" for higher temperatures and maximum production.  Non porous Glo-Stones provide high heat and flame flare and can easily be converted for use with radiants.  Additional radiants between each burner deliver even, consistent temperatures.

Models: L-24GS, L-30GS, L-36GS, L-48GS, L60GS, L-72GS, L84GS

 C-GS Series Counter Top Glo-Stone Char Broilers  

The C-GS series gas counter top radiant char broilers feature fully insulated double walled construction, all stainless steel front, top, back, and sides, and individual, removable, steel, floating rod grates which may be adjusted in any combination of four separate positions.  A variety of grate types are optional and may be mixed and matched.

Models: C-24GS, C-30GS, C-36GS, C-48GS, C-60GS, C-72GS, C-84GS

 F-GS Series Floor Model Glo-Stone Char Broilers  

The F-GS series gas floor model char broilers feature a built-in cabinet base, double walled, fully insulated construction.  Front, top, sides, and back are all stainless steel.  Individual, removable steel floating rod grates may be adjusted in any combination of four separate tilting positions.  A variety of grate tops are optional and may be mixed and matched.

Models: F-24GS, F30GS, F-36GS, F-48GS, F-60GS, F-72GS, F-84GS

 CH-GS Series Extra Heavy Duty Radiant Char Broilers

The CH Series gas glo-stone char broilers are designed for high volume boiling and are constructed of extra heavy-duty 1/2' and 1/4" hand welded steel plate, 18,000 BTUH burners are located every 4 7/8" for maximum production while heavy-duty stainless deflectors ensure rapid preheat.  1" NPT rear gas connection now standard.  Natural or LP gas.  8" deep, 1/4" thick steel lined plate, and stainless steel grease and water pans are standard.  CH broilers may be easily built-in with stone, brick or masonry for exhibition.

Models: CH-6GS, CH-8GS, CH-10GS, CH-12GS, CH-14GS

 XX-GS Series Counter Top Glo-Stone Char Broilers

The new XX-GS Series gas char broilers feature all the benefits of the standard XX Series but with additional flame-flare for a richer flavor profile.  They feature heavy-duty hand-welded unitized construction, high input 18,000 BTUH clog proof burners located every 4 7/8" for maximum performance, stainless steel or cast iron radiants and heat deflectors as well as adjustable top grates for maximum flexibility and temperature control.

Models: XX-4GS, XX-6GS, XX-8GS, XX-10GS
, XX-12GS

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