The BPF series deep fryers are the ideal solution for high-production restaurants in a single-vat design. Models are available with 40, 50, and 75 lb. oil capacities for frying larger products and feature deep, stainless steel vessels with precision-welded, no-leak seems. Choose from models with two, three, or four high-performance burners for a total output of 76,000, 114,000, or 152,000 BTUH. Heating elements are submerged in oil, allowing for efficient heat transfer, while the safety shut-off system automatically trips when oil reaches maximum temperature. Front-sloping vessel bottoms and cool zones under the heating elements trap food particles to prevent carbonization in the fry zone, reducing flavor transfer and extending oil life. Draining oil is easy thanks to 1.25″ diameter drains. Fryers in this series are constructed of heavy-duty, stainless steel and include nickel-plated steel fryer baskets and 6″ adjustable chrome legs.