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EHER Series Commercial Electric Combination Ovens : EHE101R

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Size: 45.75 x 34 x 34 Cooking Area: Pan capacity: 10 half-size pans or 10 steam table pan

The Bakers Pride® model EHE101R combination oven provides the flexibility to use moist heat, dry heat, or any combination with absolute precision.

The patented Meteo System constantly monitors the climate inside the cooking chamber so you can always maintain the exact degree of humidity, anywhere from 0 to 100%. Unlike all other combis on the market, Bakers Pride combination ovens feature a patented symbiotic system which integrates a high-efficiency, micro-steam generator with a direct steam injector to create large volumes of steam—all while using 30% less water than traditional boiler systems.

In addition, the patented SteamTuner system allows you to choose from very wet to very dry steam depending on your menu items. This SteamTuner system can control the amount and size of the water molecules within the steam, allowing you to adjust your process precisely. The synergy of these systems results in faster cooking, faster recovery, efficiency, and absolute control over the cooking chamber environment.

All combination ovens come standard with intuitive touchscreen controls that are preprogrammed with a full array of menu selections to get you cooking right away. Easily program 200 menu items with up to nine steps each to control your recipes precisely. Once programmed to your exact requirements, producing your customers' favorite meals is just a push of a button. The results are consistently delicious every time.

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Features at a glance

  • Pan capacity: 10 half-size pans or 10 steam table pans
  • Large 10" Touchscreen Control
  • 200 menu items
  • 9 steps per menu
  • USB port for uploading recipes
  • Symbiotic steam generation
  • The Meteo and Steamtuner systems combine to provide precise humidity control from 0-100%
  • SteamTuner, ReceipeTuner and RackControl functionality
  • 6 fan speeds
  • LED lighting
  • Cook by method or product type
  • Automatic washing system
  • Core probe included
  • Community-European
  • Edison-Testing-Laboratory-Safety-US
  • Edison-Testing-Laboratory-Safety-US-Canada
  • Edison-Testing-Laboratory-Sanitation

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