Cook, brown, reheat in a fraction of the time with our new speed oven.

Using enhanced side-launched microwaves combined with top and bottom air impingement, the E300 speed oven is perfect for quick serve restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants.


E300 Hearthbake Series Electric Countertop Speed Oven

The E300 series speed ovens combine enhanced microwave power and top and bottom air impingement to provide menu flexibility and impressive cooking speed in a small footprint. The side-launch microwaves allow for metal pans, and the air speed is adjustable (from 10–100%) so you can cook, reheat, bake, or brown any combination of proteins, vegetables, or baked goods—all with superior results. Program up to 384 recipes with six cooking steps each from the easy-to-navigate touchscreen display, or update menus and firmware via USB port. Removable jet plates and smooth, all-stainless surfaces throughout allow for easy cleaning. Overall, the E300 is a perfect choice for high-volume and quick-serve restaurants, hotels, grocery delis, coffee shops, and pubs.


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