E300 Hearthbake Series Electric Countertop Speed Oven : E300 Speed Oven

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Size: 22.75" W x 20.12" H x 33" D

The Bakers Pride® model E300 speed oven combines enhanced microwave power and top and bottom air impingement to provide menu flexibility and impressive cooking speed in a small footprint. The side-launch microwaves allow for metal pans, and the air speed is adjustable (from 10–100%) so you can cook, reheat, bake, or brown any combination of proteins, vegetables, or baked goods—all with superior results. Program up to 384 recipes with six cooking steps each from the easy-to-navigate touchscreen display, or update menus and firmware via USB port. Removable jet plates and smooth, all-stainless surfaces throughout allow for easy cleaning. Overall, the E300 is a perfect choice for high-volume and quick-serve restaurants, hotels, grocery delis, coffee shops, and pubs.

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Features at a glance

  • Ventless operation
  • Top and bottom air impingement and microwave technology
  • Incredible menu flexibility
  • 150–525˚F temperature range
  • Cool-touch doors and exterior surfaces
  • Adjustable impingement air speed from 10–100% with 10% increments
  • Increased air speed for superior browning
  • 10% more microwave power for quicker cook times
  • Side-launch microwave design accepts metal pans
  • Full-color touchscreen display with 16 groups, 24 items per group = 384 recipes
  • Update menus and firmware via USB port
  • Removable top and bottom jet plates
  • Smooth, all stainless steel surfaces
  • Stackable
  • Edison-Testing-Laboratory-Safety-US-Canada
  • Edison-Testing-Laboratory-Sanitation

Options & accessories

21926710 | Medium Solid Tray For E300 Speed Oven

This solid, flexible tray is perfect for cooking small items like chicken wings and pizza slices.

Options & accessories

21926740 | Medium Perforated Tray For E300 Speed Oven

This perforated tray lets you take advantage of top and bottom air impingement.

Options & accessories

21926640 | Medium Spatula Peel For E300 Speed Oven

This spatula peel is perfect for pulling large items from the speed oven and it fits below the oven when legs are attached.

Options & accessories

21926776 | Oven Shield 32oz For E300 Speed Oven

After cleaning the oven applying our special oven shield will help keep your speed oven looking great.

Options & accessories

21926914 | Leg Kit 4” Tall For E300 Speed Oven

Four heavy-duty 4" tall legs.

Options & accessories

21926910 | Accessory Rack Kit with Legs For E300 Speed Oven

Combining a rack and legs makes a great place to keep the spatula peel, panini rack, grill plate, and Meteorite Stone.

Options & accessories

21926935 | Panini Rack Silar For E300 Speed Oven

Panini rack will leave perfect char marks on a variety of sandwiches and foods.

Options & accessories

21926938 | Grooved Aluminum Grill Plate For E300 Speed Oven

The grooved grill plate is perfect for grilling a variety of foods.

Options & accessories

21926348 | .5" Thick Meteroite Stone For E300 Speed Oven

The Meteorite Stone is perfect for cooking pizza.

Options & accessories

21926982 | Stacking Kit Pad and Bracket For E300 Speed Oven

Use this kit to stack two speed ovens for double the output.

Images & videos

Bakers Pride E300 Speed Oven Overview
Cleaning the Bakers Pride E300 Speed Oven
Programming the Bakers Pride E300 Speed Oven

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