BPSBi Restaurant Series Gas Salamanders : BPSBi-24

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Size: 24" W x 20.5" H x 25.5" D Cooking Area: One burner | Roll-out rack Total BTUH: 20,000

The Bakers Pride® model BPSBi-24 salamander is a great choice for finishing steaks, browning chicken, or cooking fish products. The 20,000 BTUH burner provides infrared heat through top and bottom heating elements. The single, roll-out broiler rack may be adjusted to multiple height settings with cool-touch knobs, and the broiler pan is removable for convenient cleaning. This salamander also features an adjustable gas valve to provide you greater temperature control, while the continuous pilot allows for quick and easy lighting.

Options include either a wall-mounting kit, or an assembly for mounting on our Restaurant series ranges.

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Features at a glance

  • 24" wide
  • One 20,000 BTUH burner
  • Adjustable-height, roll-out, chrome-plated rack
  • Top and bottom heating elements
  • Natural gas or liquid propane
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel top, side panels, and front
  • Recessed controls for easy access and serviceability
  • Adjustable broiler with spring-balanced tension assembly and multiple stops
  • Adjustable gas valve and continuous pilot
  • Optional wall-mount, or range-mount
  • Full-width broiler pan
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Edison-Testing-Laboratory-Safety-US-Canada

Options & accessories

330836 | 24” Wall Mounting Kit For BPSBi-24 & BPCMi-24 Restaurant Series Salamanders and Cheesemelters

Options & accessories

390900 | 24”/36”/48”/60”/72” Range Mounting Kit For Restaurant Series Salamanders and Cheesemelters

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