Remove grease particles from the air with our powerful ventless hoods.

Our ventless hoods are available in free standing units, countertop, and wall mounted models. Each model comes with a certified fire suppression system. 


FH Ventless Hood Series

The Bakers PrideĀ® FH series offers self-contained, ventless hood systems specifically designed to work with deep fryers and other grease-emitting equipment. The advanced, two-stage filtration process removes virtually all grease particles from the air stream, while a signal light alerts the operator to change the disposable filter to keep the hood performing at an optimal rate. If the filter is neglected, the hood will shut off automatically to prevent damage to the system and ensure safety. Filters are available in fiberglass or high carbon for superior filtration. This series also features a fire suppression system designed to help extinguish oil fires. 100% hand-built in the U.S.A., the FH series is constructed to stand up to heavy use and provide a long service life. Exceptional pricing makes it the value choice for any food service operation.


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