Bakers Pride Il Forno Classico Pizza Oven Overview

Combining a Bakers Pride® FC Il Forno Series pizza oven with a D, DS, or Y Superdeck series allows you to create ambiance while multiplying cooking capacity for the ultimate exhibition pizza kitchen. These ovens are designed to be built in behind a decorative façade of brick, stone, or tile for a traditional, old-world look. You also have the choice to simply display them in standard stainless steel or finish with black-powder-coated control panels and hardwood door handles for an elegant touch. All models feature two oven chambers with a 10” deck height and are available with your choice of Cordierite or brick-lined decks. Also choose from three different deck areas and overall oven widths from 65.25” to 84”. This series is constructed with heavy-duty, .25” angle iron frame, which is fully welded to allow for stacking. Oven exteriors are all heavy-duty, stainless steel and are fully insulated for cooler outer temperatures and consistent interior temperatures. Options are available to accommodate the configuration of your kitchen, such as side-mounted controls and custom-height legs.